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Jeffrey N. Bernstein
Attorney and Counselor at Law
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Would you invest in a Fortune 1000 business that doesn’t have a general counsel looking out for THEM?  

You’ve invested in  YOUR   business; why wouldn’t you have a corporate counsel looking out  for  YOU ?

Can’t afford it?  

In a word, NONSENSE! 

You’re “betting the business” every day that your legal concerns are not being efficiently and professionally addressed. Our outsourced legal counsel solution gives you all the benefits of a full time general counsel, at a fraction of the cost.

So, what do we do?

We help business owners sleep at night, instead of tossing and turning with legal questions and concerns.  Our clients protect their businesses and make better decisions with our advice, with thoughtfully prepared legal documents specific to their circumstances, and, should the need arise, with zealous advocacy via litigation or arbitration.

We concentrate in the areas of corporate governance and corporate and commercial transactions, commercial and residential real estate and civil litigation before all state and federal courts, governmental agencies and arbitration panels.

We practice business law pragmatically.  That means not “over-lawyering” when a deft hand and a light touch is all that’s required.  We don’t seek to impose our risk perspective on our clients; instead, we help assess and quantify risk and devise strategies to minimize it.

Unlike many other business lawyers, we litigate matters on behalf of our clients when circumstances warrant. Having a litigator’s perspective often enables us to identify issues BEFORE they become problems. 

We're focused on building relationships.  We're dedicated to providing the highest quality legal services and believe that our clients are best served through business oriented, practical applications of the law. To this end, we seek to understand a client's goals and to analyze and resolve legal issues within a business setting.

Using our knowledge of a client's circumstances, we strive to satisfy immediate needs in a manner consistent with long-term objectives.

In today's complex and dynamic business world, continuity and consistency of service are more important than ever before.

We establish and maintain client relationships with this in mind.